How to Find the Ultimate Tennis Fitness Programme

Is there such a thing as the Ultimate Tennis Fitness programme?
Well I suppose that depends upon what you would call "ULTIMATE".
The problem you faced before was that you knew that getting fitter could only help your game, but you weren't quite sure how to go about your tennis training in the best way.
Everybody you spoke to had their own favourite routines, but which was the "right" one?
Well to avoid confusion and in an effort to clear things up I will go ahead and point out the three main areas any good tennis fitness programme should address.
1. Areas of Fitness
The first thing you need to consider is what fitness elements are included in the programme. After all, every sport has its own fitness demands which would need to be reflected in your training.
So, what would I expect to see in any decent tennis fitness programme?Often you see programmes that are just weight training based but because tennis is such a diverse sport in terms of the range of physical demands it places on the tennis player the following areas need to be covered tennis speed, tennis strength, tennis footwork, tennis endurance and tennis power.

2. Exercise Routines

So, even if you knew or found out what areas of fitness you needed to have in the programme, your next task would be to then identify what exercises and routines you would need to perform. After all there are many strength training exercises for example, but which are the best ones for tennis players to use to improve their game?
You would then need to find out how many times you would need to perform the exercise in any session.


Ok, so even if you knew what fitness components to focus in on and you knew what exercises to do to improve those tennis fitness components, you would really need to know what order to put everything in (on a daily/weekly basis) to achieve a peak performance when you needed/wanted it most?

The Solution

Well this is what I believe to be the solution to all of the above very real problems.

I have put to paper and produced the exact same system I use to put together the tennis training programmes of all the players I work with.
This simple but comprehensive tennis fitness programme will come into its own by giving you the "ready to go" templates for scheduled workouts anywhere from 2 weeks up to 4 months!!!

All the programmes are laid out in a day to day format so you will know what to do every single day from day 1!

And there are loads of exercise descriptions and diagrams so that you know exactly what to do.

You can't fail!

So, if for example you have a tournament to get ready for in say 6 weeks, you just access the 6 week schedule and you know exactly what fitness components you will work on. You then refer to the session guides to explain what you will do in each session.

Or maybe you just want to get yourself really Tennis Fit and want to know exactly what you need to do.

It just couldn't be easier.

It is just like plug and play!


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