Sania's Skirt : Six inches long or 6 feet long

Recently sania break her silence on fatwa and said "As long as I am winning, people shouldn't care whether my skirt is six inches long or 6 feet long,""....................
Sania Mirza ji understand as long as u r winning : people should care about the size of ur skirt .Who cares what a failing Indian girl wears ??
As far as the length of the skirt is concerned , whether it should be " six inches long or 6 feet long" that's a billion watcher's querstion ???
Well , i would say the answer best lies in the " GENDER " of the crowd that rushes to the stadium .
If the gender polarises towrds the higher feminine i would say she can well afford to obey the Ulema .
If it goes towards masculine gender, six inches is cool


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