Website Spotlight: Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza is arguably the most popular athlete in all of India. In fact, her 2009 Australian Open mixed doubles title with countryman Mahesh Bhupathi made her the first Indian woman to win a Grand Slam. She also reached the highest ranking an Indian woman ever has when she ascended to No.27 in the world in August 2007 and last year became the first Indian woman to surpass $1 million in career prize money.
Sania's fans will surely enjoy her website. The centerpiece of her home page is a high-tech Tournament Tracker, in which fans can click on a map to see the journey around the world that her schedule takes her on. Also on the home page is a video that goes behind the scenes at one of her photo shoots.
The My World page features a biography of Sania's tennis life, but to really get to know her, fans should check out her Passions page, which includes information such as her favorite restaurant, color, cologne and even cartoon. Her Gallery page includes three different categories of photos fans can scroll through: Family and friends, Behind the Scenes and On the Court.

Fans who can't get enough of Sania should click on her Downloads page, where they can check out computer and cell phone wallpaper and animation featuring Sania available for download via text message. Her Media News page showcases articles about her from different publications around the world. In fact, there are pictures of some of the actual newspaper articles. Her My Game and Sania Player Profile pages feature her stats. Hardcore fans should make sure to fill out the form on the Join Fan Club link. They can also e-mail questions to her via the Ask Me page.

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