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If there is an Indian equivalent of the Tiger Woods phenomenon, where a young person makes an unexpected and dramatic impact on a sport and its popular perception, it is undoubtedly Sania Mirza.
The 18-year-old tennis player hit it big when she entered the third round of the Australian Open and went down to Serena Williams, but only after a spirited fight. Sania has emerged not just a superb sportsperson, but a youth icon, indeed a 'brand' in her own right. Advertisers are flooding her with offers to promote everything from mobile phones and processed foods to cosmetics.
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As Alyque Padamsee, considered some kind of wizard in the advertising world, put it in a newspaper interview: 'Not since P T Usha has India had a female sports star of this calibre. Sania is young and hasn't yet achieved (her) full potential. So I feel she is an advertiser's dream. She can become a superstar and an icon for youth… Soon, there will be 'Sania mania' sweeping the land!'


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