Veena malik blue movie

Veena Malik formerly known as Zahida Malik, was a dominant comedian, actress, and model in Pakistan’s media industry. She was born in Rawalpindi in 1978. She was an active comedian anchor at Geo TV on a famous comedy and sarcastic program on Geo TV Hum Sab Umeed Sey Hey.
Recently she is involved as an actress in Indian play Big Boss. Veena Malik’s role in big boss is questioned by many circles in Pakistan. This is due the fact that she is doing some very odds at Indian TV. People are putting allegations on her role. Some people are against her involvement and contract in big boss.
This is a fact that people in Pakistan do not like Veena Malik in big boss. Now as there are Indin people who are uploading her indecent videos and images at big boss with the tags like Veena Malik hot video, Veena Malik hot images, Veena Malik hot pictures at big boss, Veena Malik in swimming pool, Veena Malik and Ashmet Patel, Veena Malik in India, Veena Malik scandal in India, Veena Malik sleeping with Ashmet Patel, Veena Malik scandal in big boss, Veena Malik latest scandal, Veena Malik blue prints, Veena Malik blue movies etc. Her statements in big boss are uploaded at you tube like press statement with tags like Veena Malik latest statement, Veena Malik reply on scandal etc.

Now when Pakistani people are finding these contents on internet, this has become a turbulent discussion in the whole media as well as in the common streets. People are linking these things like videos and online contents with tags like veena malik India, veena malik in big boss, veena malik hot video, veena malik hot images, veena malik and ashmit patel, veena malik geo, veena malik in india, veena malik hot images, veena malik scandal in India, veena malik sleeping with ashmet patel, veena malik scandal in big boss, veena malik latest scandal, veena malik latest statment, veena malik blue print, veena malik blue movie, geo 50 minutes veena malik, veena malik and asif scandal as a national disgrace of Pakistan.

Now a days people are searching Veena Malik and Asif scandal due to the latest issue that arose on media.

It is not true mentality if a person is doing such things that are abusive why it’s necessary to make it a discussion?, if we cannot stop her let us remain unconcerned of her acts, whatever Veena Malik is doing she is responsible on her acts and it is not a national disgrace, neither it is a question on Pakistan’s respect. Veena Malik is herself responsible on her deeds, let us not make her a discussion and let us not heed on the people who are making her a discussion, better leave this waste discussion and do something productive for Pakistan.

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