Shah Rukh, Salman Khan patch up after 5 years, hug each other at iftaar party!

Shah Rukh, Salman Khan patch up
It was a moment the entire Bollywood was waiting for. SRK and Salman Khan, who were good friends, had a fight on Katrina Kaif’s birthday a few years ago and the quarrel lasted years and even forced the industry to pick sides.

At MLA Baba Siddique’s iftaar party, the superstars were under the same roof. Everyone was wondering what would happen because on earlier instances they timed their entry and exit. This time SRK came later and sat on the table that had many dignitaries including Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan. Salman’s father, Salim Khan, was seated opposite SRK. Salman, meanwhile, was seated at another table with his brother Sohail.

Suddenly, Salman got up from his seat and went to chat with the CM. The host took him around the table and Salman kept shaking hands and chatting with people till he reached SRK. Suddenly, it seemed time stood still. Both the stars turned towards each other and stood.

Siddique then moved forward and got them to hug each other. The entire room cheered on and clapped. Both the Khans stood expressionless, not saying a word. They posed for the shutterbugs and while Salman took his leave, SRK went back to his dinner. He chatted with Salim Khan longer than he did with anyone else.

Siddique is thrilled at the patch-up. He says, “Hope this friendship stays. Maybe they wanted to do so, that’s why they did.”


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