Tannishtha takes a dig at Bollywood stars at Cannes

The signs were always there and now the indications are clear too. Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha, who are coming together for the first time, in a vintage romance (Lootera) have a lot to thank yesteryear's matinee idols for. Their characters have been modeled on Dev Anand and Sadhana.

"Though in terms of their overall appearance, Ranveer and Sonakshi don't bear any similarity with Dev Anand and Sadhana, it is in terms of recreating the bygone era where some obvious inspirations have come into the picture," informs a source.

"Especially for the songs, it is pretty clear that the golden days are being revisited. One such song of Dev Anand and Sadhana that made it to the top of the list was 'Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar' from Hum Dono," adds the source.
"Director Vikramaditya Motwane wanted to capture the silent feel for a key song sequence in the film. Half a century back, a lot was said through expressions and the eyes did all the talking. The same has been repeated for 'Sawaar Loon' in Lootera and 'Abhi Na Jao...' formed a good basis for that," the source continues.

Though it was impossible to put a rather sober Ranveer into the shoes of debonair Dev Anand, and Sonakshi into the petite frame of Sadhana, the actors were given a brief around living and breathing romance on the same lines.

On being contacted, a senior official at Balaji said, "When you are making a film set in the bygone era, there are bound to be inspirations. Lootera is one of the most simple, pure and beautiful love stories to come out in Bollywood. Not many know but there are major dramatic twists in the romance as well.


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