Shoania' T- shirts are now in fashion in Lahore

Farisa Siddiqui, mother of Ayesha Siddiqui who is alleged to be the first wife of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik who is going to marry with Indian Tennis Star, Sania Mirza is a broken lady now. In a media statement she said, "I can't take this. People are asking me how is Ayesha. You tell me, how could she be at this time? Woh kis haal se guzar rahi hai is waqt, main dekh rahi hoon (I know what she's going through at this time)."
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On the reaction to Malik's family threat to see them in court she told, ""He (Shoaib) married and abandoned our daughter and did not even give a divorce. We had threatened to sue them, and now they are turning around and daring us? What wrong have we done to get caught up in a controversy? We only asked for justice." She termed Shoaib's marriage to be their family matter and stated that she merely cares about condition of her daughter.

However, seen in Pakistan is taking different scenario as the new buzz word in Pakistan is 'Shoania' that is combination of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza. Shoania T-shirts have flooded the fashion streets of Lahore and Karachi. A Pakistani newspaper coined the word and stated that couple liked it. B'town couple Saif and Kareena has been called Saifeena for long. After Pakistan Tennis Federation chief Dilawar Abbas's remarks "Sania should now play for Pakistan", Shiv Sena workers went on offensive and burnt effigies of the tennis star in Mumbai.


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