Sania Mirza Joins Sahara Advertising Bandwagon

Sania Mirza has joined Sahara India’s advertising bandwagon, like Indian cricket team did some time ago. From now on, Sania will sport this company’s logo in tennis matches. As of now, Sahara company will not reveal the details of this contract nor details like advertising money given away to her. Even they won’t reveal the term of this association.

Not long ago, Sania was one of the most sought after sports woman tennis personally in India. It was the time when people were marvelled by Steffi Graf and Monica Seles. People liked Sania’s play as well as open mindedness. Sania even charged 2 crores of money per endorsement at that time. However, all that fell after her marriage to cricketer Shoaib Malik from Pakistan. As per the latest tennis ranking, she is at No. 186 in the world.

Director Abhijit Sarkar of Sahara says, "Sania Mirza has registered her comeback with rising successes from Commonwealth to Asian Games and to the recent success at Dubai."


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