Gilles Simon

Simon was born into a family with no involvement in sport, with his mother being a doctor and his father working in insurance. Supported by his parents, he started playing tennis at the age of 6. Due to a growth delay that runs in the family, he was shorter than most kids in his age during his early years in teenage . This is the reason he cites Michael Chang as a major influence, as his comparatively small frame proved that size wasn’t an important factor in playing tennis.On September 2nd,
Simon became a father for the first time. His partner Carine Lauret gave birth to a baby boy. The couple named their first child Timothée. The baby was born four weeks early, when Simon was competing in the 2010 US Open.
Simon began his professional tennis career in the summer of 2002, competing at multiple Futures tournaments in France before playing in international tournaments. His first Futures title came in Lisbon, Portugal, in June 2003, and reached the quarterfinals of three other tournaments. He then captured his second title in Jamaica in September. During 2004 he saw three wins in France and another in Algeria.
As his career kicked off in 2008, Simon began to work tirelessly on his volleys and net-game, and this has since come to form a prominent part of his game. Nowadays, he looks to sneak in and finish points off at the net whenever he can, and he often enjoys serving and volleying or rushing to the net off the return to break up his opponents rhythm on break points and important points in general.


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